Mt. Zaagkam School operates for the expatriate employees of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) and its associated contractors and is the only jobsite school option for expatriate, English speaking children. It offers an internationally-based curriculum (IBO Primary Years Program) to students from pre-school through grade 5. Grade 6, 7 and 8 focus on subject specific, as well as interdisciplinary inquiry.

Mt. Zaagkam School consists of two sites, one located in Kuala Kencana and the other in Tembagapura, Papua, Indonesia. The Tembagapura site opened in 1972 when P.T. Freeport began its copper mining operations nearby. The Kuala Kencana site opened in 1996. It serves many of the administrative personnel who support P.T. Freeport’s mining operation.

The school is company owned and operated for the educational needs of expatriate families employed by PT Freeport and their sub-contractors.

The school currently offers educational programs for three-year-olds through eighth-grade. Current enrollment is 110 students. The school uses a broad-based, international curriculum as found in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The school is currently authorized to offer the Primary Year’s Programme of the International Baccalaureate, a curriculum particularly well-suited to smaller international schools. Class enrollment is small, ensuring students both individualized attention and a variety of academic opportunities.

The staff of the school is an international group of experienced teachers, drawn primarily from the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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